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Vistar Energetics Technology GmbH

Project management

The VISTAR - Group now has all the necessary for the implementation of actions in the Republic of Belarus as a company for the integrated management of activities in the field of construction and design licenses and authorization documents. At first this is the Certificate of the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Belarus to act as a developer, customer, providing engineering services in the field of construction of facilities of the 1st - 4th grade of difficulty.


As one of the services to its clients VISTAR offers audit of heating systems. Our qualified experts help You to evaluate the quality and relevance of the chosen of equipment by the designer and give recommendations for the most effective and economical operation as well as provide expert assessment of the work of your heating system.


Our specialists provide constant advice to customers on the operation of the heating equipment, elimination of possible faults, selection elements the heating system, as well as the introduction and application of the most modern energy system in Belarus.

Attraction of financing

VISTAR today, thanks to the unique structure, can provide its customers with almost any scheme of the contracts, including the direct deliveries from Germany. We also offer to the customers and partners a variety of financial programs from leading European and Belarusian banks. With the purpose of organizing financial support and investment of major projects the company cooperates with banks and credit institutions as Commerzbank AG and LBB - LandesBank Berlin. Through these institutions and organized financial investment allocated credit lines to large-scale power projects such as the construction of biogas plants, photovoltaic power plants in Belarus.


VISTAR have today the own engineering department and more than 30 partner organizations of project specialists who are constantly improving their skills in the design of heating equipment.

Delivering of the equipment

VISTAR use today the most advanced technology and the best logistics warehousing resources of Germany. At the same time it is the presence of the operational transit warehouse in Minsk.


Our experts will provide an introduction to the operation of the equipment of any complexity and power. We will give recommendations for the effective operation of Your heating system, carry out the instructions of Your personnel.


VISTAR today have implementing of all principles of Viessmann Academy on the basis of several specialized training classes, training in which over the years has been more than 3000 professionals. The training classes are created on the base all major gas supply companies.


We are actively involved in the implementation of programs for the modernization of outdated heating systems. We introduce the most advanced solutions in this area, providing energy efficiency and energy and resource saving.

Guarantee maitntenance

Today VISTAR with the network of the service centers can provide the qualified, ready at any moment guarantee maintenance to the consumer.


Today VISTAR than its own specialists in the service has a network of partner service men throughout Belarus. We cooperate with more than 150 partners in branch of the heating equipment service. Experts from all major gas supply companies are certified to service our supplied heating equipment.

The logistics is built on

The logistics is built on the basis of leased at Rhenus Logistics warehouse and office space. Rhenus Group is now operating worldwide logistics company with a turnover of about 4.0 billion EUR, has over 350 location points and more than 24,000 employees. Areas of activity: logistics services for receiving, picking, shipping, cargo declaration. The warehouse space of the group is the highest, the fifth, class of the categorization.

Biomethane plant for gas grid injection

Owner and investor: Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG
Plant engineering: Schmack Biogas GmbH, Schwandorf, Germany
Location: Germany, 35108 Allendorf (Eder), Viessmannstr. 1 Start of operation: August 2013
Specials: Prepared for the injection of 120 Nm³/h hydrogen for transformation into 30 Nm³/h methane.

Feed-in capacity/year: Approx. 16 million kWh/a; potential electric power requirement for approx. 1,650 households* as well as heat supply for approx. 370 households*.

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